09 January 2008

Christmas with the Family

Even though the Christmas season has passed, my wife and I have a hard time giving it up. Since we didn't have this blog then we thought that it would be fun to post a few things that happened to us during the Holiday.

A good place to start is the traditional visit to Red Barn in Orting, WA. As much of my direct family as possible will get together and go get our Christmas tree. This year we all didn't get one at this time but came to support my sister, Emily and her family since they were here visiting.

My parents and the rest of us love to be together for the Holidays. So any excuse to get together we have a little mini party and invite the rest over. Boeing was kind enough to let me have the whole time from the Friday prior to Christmas to the day after New Years off.

During this time Natalie started to walk and stand on her own. Ben lost two of his teeth, the two on bottom in the front. Aside from those life milestones, Christmas brought many gifts that the kids wanted. Joleena and I were also able to invite our friends, the Kohler family, over to the Christmas Eve Dickson family party. It was nice to share that time with good friends.

She will probably hate us for posting this when she gets older, but this picture is literally minutes after the historic event.